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A System organization is an integral part of any growing business. With the increasing demand of customers, expanding clientele and frequent transactions, it is impossible to run any business well without maintaining the information in some systematic way.
In order to cope up with the overwhelming requirements for business, it is important to devise a strategic business solution that not only optimizes business but also saves time and effort.
1.1 Goals and objectives
The proposed idea of is to create a Desktop Application for a Customer Management Relation (CMR) which comprises of a database to hold information about customers, transactions and other business related activities. Apart from storing data, the tool also allows us to modify data and access it based on the level in user hierarchy.
1.2 Statement of scope
Specifications of the CMR tool include its remote accessibility, access hierarchy, data storage, data manipulation and record of monetary transactions. Since the CMR will be remotely accessibly therefore the client can place order remotely. Once the order is processed, the supplier/business can send an invoice confirming the transaction.
The two main components of the software are the database and the Desktop Application GUI. Key inputs to the CMR include customer information, order details, transaction history. Each user (customer, employee or management staff) will be recognized with a unique ID used as a primary key. Since each type of user will have his own access rights therefore, in contrast to the privileges of the customer. Employees will be able to create and edit orders as well as edit customer’s information and make payments. Managers, in addition to having access to all the employee functionalities, will be able to create new employee accounts, edit/delete payments. Customers will be able to create new orders, make payments and view orders.

Essential Requirements

Table 1 below summarizes the key functions of the software:

Security of information

Create New accounts customers/employees


Create new order

Edit payments /orders

Make payments

View orders/payments

Search for orders/payments

Table1: Functionality

Key requirements are pointed below:

v  The correct user login takes users to the appropriate page based on their access level.
v  User should be able to create a new user account.
v  User should be able to enter order information.
v  User should be able to search on and view order information.
v  User should be able to make payments towards an order.
v  A manager shall be able to credit and/or delete payments.
v  Restricted access to customers- will not be able to view information irrelevant to them
v  System must not be hacking prone- all information must be kept secure

Desirable Requirements

v  All changes/modification made on the data should be logged with information about the change and the editor
v  Email notifications send out to the customer in order to confirm their payments and/or edits to orders

Future Requirements

v  Document a catalog of various designs to provide to the customer in order to assist them with their ordering experience
v  24/7 chat helpline

1.3  Software context

CRM tool is a robust design and implementation of a Desktop Application that is competitive with the increasing business demand and is capable of storing

and processing data efficiently in a timely manner while allowing the customers to review their orders, update information, and make payments.

1.4  Major constraints

One of the major constraints is the time available to complete the tool. The amount of time available may not be adequate to conduct regression testing on data validation. Also, it may not be possible to implement the desirable features within the given period.

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