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3.0 Data Model and Description

The following section describes the information domain of the software.

3.1 Data Objects

Following are the data objects in our database.






All of the information about a customer of Website Design and Support.




Employees of this system provide customer service related to the orders.




The manager is a special kind of employee who also has the permission to edit/delete employee information.




The information about orders that the customers have placed with Website Design and Support.




The urls associated with each order.


All customer payments relating to each order are saved.

                                    Table 2: Object-Description

3.2 Relationships

Relationships among the data objects are described below.






Customers place orders.  This is a many to many relationship as there can be many customers and many orders.




Payments are placed on orders.  This is a one to one relationship as one order corresponds to one payment.




Employees work on orders.  This is a many to many relationship.





Customers provide payments. There are different options on how they can pay. This is a one to many relationship.




A list of Urls are ordered by the customer. This is a one to many relationship.

Table 3: Objects-Relationships

3.3 Complete Data Model

The ERD diagram of the database is given below.

ERD duagram





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