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Requirement Specification Document Web Hosting Company Application Management

2.0 Usage scenario

In this section, information collected during requirements elicitation phase is translated into use-cases.

2.1 User profiles

Four types of users of the system are described here.

 Customers – Users investing money to purchase services from Software Works in order to obtain the required software product.  This group will have restricted access rights to view and modify their data. The data that they will be able to view/modify includes information relevant to them or their orders. However, they will be able to create new user accounts.

 Employees – Users that are employed by SWW and are in some way responsible for project implementation.  They will have rights to view and modify all information of the customers group.

 Managers – Users that manage the employees and the company. They will have the most access privilege- they shall be able to view and modify all data as needed.

2.2 Use-cases

All use-cases for the software are presented.

2.2.1 Use-Case Diagram

A UML Use-Case diagram is presented.

use case diagram

use case hosting

use case applications

2.2.2 Use-Case Descriptions


Managers, upon login, shall have a number of choices.  They shall be able to create new employee accounts.  Managers shall be able to create new orders for a customer.  A manager shall be able to search the database for order information based on customer name or an order id number.  When the correct information has been retrieved from the database, a manager shall be able to edit that information or delete customer records entirely.  Lastly, a manager shall be able to edit payment information for any customer, including applying payments to an order and crediting money to a customer.


Employees shall have a more limited number of options than the managers.  Like managers, employees shall be able to create customer orders, search the database for orders, and edit order information.  They shall be able to view customer payment records and apply payments on behalf of a customer.


Customers shall have the option to create a new user account for themselves, giving them the ability to login to the application.  From there, a customer may create a new order, search for previous orders, or make payments of current orders.


Administrators, within the web application itself, shall at most have the same use cases as the employees.

2.3 Special usage considerations

Special requirements associated with the use of the software are presented.

2.4 Activity Diagrams

Special requirements associated with the use of the software are presented.








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