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Requirement Specification Document Web Hosting Company Application Management

A Web hosting company need an application to maintain their hosting documentation for all the applications they provide their customers with.You are asked to develop an application to track the availability of these applications (The list of hosting application are available here) along with version numbers, application documentation, etc.Applications are classified based on the hosting plan typs.

Web hosting project Q & A part 2

  1. Can I use C#.Net to develope this application? Yes a web hosting company should be able to support any development platform including .NET.
  2. Does it have to be a Web application or can it be a desktop application? It does NOT have to be a aweb application
  3. From the reading the Project it seems to be Administrative application. Does a customer will be using this application?  NO access allowed for the customer
  4. If user/customer has access to this application what information will he/she be updating? NO ACCESS
  1. Are we required to keep a record of the customers who are interested in buying the web apps?  No customer information is required to be stored or maintained.
  2. If at all they are interested, What should be the procedure to buy SSL Certificate (VeriSign etc), so that they can go for a secure transaction of the application they are going for?   SSL and its types are available for all customers at a price.  Any domain can be configured with SSL certificate.
  3. Should the users be allowed to rate the product/application? If they are, then how should it affect our rating for the application? NO rating
  4. What all should be there in the Documentation? Just a link to the publisher’s web site
  5. Since it is likely to be more on data management, What should be the criteria to mark an application  ‘Premium app’. Do we have to take the record of the demand from user or something? The following are all the premium apps? Akismet (Pro Blogger Version) , Movable Type, Navicat, Pinnacle Car, ShopSite, SQLyog Enterprise, WISE-FTP.  We should be able to mark any application as premium at any time.
  6. Will we be graded on whether our code is formatted properly and consistently? Yes, also follow design guidelines and code coding practices that we talked about and will talk more next week.
  7. Is there a particular database we should be using for this project? If so, which one? No requirements on database
  8. How much technical expertise should we assume this project’s customers will have? None
  9. Would you recommend designing a graphical user interface for this project?  I don’t, use anything you want even command line is okay
  10. How big should this project be? In other words, how many files, how many classes, how many lines of code, etc? 2000 – 5000 Lines of Code.
  11. There is no information provided whether it is a team or individual project? Then its individual
  12. In the power point you have asked us to develop an application to keep track of version numbers, documentation of the applications and given etc. at the end. Can you be more precise with the requirements? In the sense what exactly are you looking for in this case? See answers above
  13. What makes an application a Premium application and who decides that? And who is entitled to change it to premium or non-premium in our application? And how does it affect the customers other than viewing? The following are all the premium apps: Akismet (Pro Blogger Version) , Movable Type, Navicat, Pinnacle Car, ShopSite, SQLyog Enterprise, WISE-FTP. We should be able to mark any application as premium at any time
  14. Ratings are total or should we display how each customer has rated? Is there a formula involved or just the mean of all responses?  Total rating for each hosted application.
  15. What is the exact role of the customers with this application? Nothing.

Web hosting project Q & A part 3

  1. Is it a pure database entry project? No. Basically, we are going to implement some sort of Customer Relational Management Application?
  2. Is there only one user (Administrator) or all employees of web hosting company can manage this application? yes
  3. Can all employees have same Admin level of access? yes
  4. Are customers allowed to use this Application if this is online version for making order of any application type online for themselves or they have to come to our store or call us for giving an order? No, customers are not allowed
  5. Are we supposed to write/implement (our own) data mining algorithm or we can use libraries? Why do you need a data mining!
  6. Q1: what are the hosting plan types?(free and paid in this context or something else)? Windows, Linux, Dedicated Server Linux, Virtual Server Linux, Dedicated Server Windows, Virtual Server Windows.
  7. What are the hosting types? Windows and Linux
  8. How many classes gone be there except Application, Supplier and  Categories? You need to tell me this.
  9. Can you please explain in brief how I can do analysis model? I mean which tool/model  should I use for analysis modeling? We did the E-Book store use case in class today
  10. Is there any time limit on  Getting access to the application? Should I provide a download link also?  No to both questions
  11. Do we need an administrator who can mark the applications as premium? Only admins can log in
  12. Can we use derby database that comes with net beans for the application? YES
  13. Is this going to be a web application using JSP and Servlet? It does not have to be, but I like this configuration
  14. What is the default rating of an application? 1 star
  15. The list of applications found on the given link is final or do we need some logic to add or remove applications later? (Q1. applies to this too.) Yes, we do not to be able to add, delete, update more applications.
  16. When we update the category of the application what can be the type of update we do: delete from category, change current category, add to category? yes
  17. Also is it mandatory for an application to be in a category? An application can exist without a category, delete, update, add categories and add applications to a category.
  18. Do we need logic to introduce or delete categories? In case of delete what to do if an application belongs to a category and we want to remove the category. Do we allow to delete category or refuse? No, a category cannot be deleted if it has any application in it.
  19. Can we include some discount or coupon on amount of supply/product taken by suppliers? No sales or what so ever.
  20. Do supplier have right to update/delete information or its previous version? And what are the access rights or permissions for premium apps and regular ones? No access to anyone other than the admin of the hosting plans
  21. What should be the benefits to the premium applications compare to regular applications from Hosting Company’s perspective? Premium cost hosting company money to purchase licenses and allow its customers to use.  While all basic applications fall under the Free and open source license agreements
  22. If a user wants to review for the hosted application or link, does the user need to create an account to rate? No rating system is required
  23. How payment should be done, weekly or monthly? No payment, no customer tracking, no order tracking

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