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Software Engineering Project Description

Daycare Application

Your company has been awarded a contract to develop Child Care Software for Neñios Day Care Center (NCC). The software should maintain a database of Family, Child, and Payroll information. Users of the software shall have the ability to add/update/delete all information based on their access levels. All employees (managers, teachers, admin staff, etc.) will be identified by a unique login ID and given a default password. The employee first and last name should be stored.

The general requirements for the software are as follows:

  • Any change in the database (add or update) the user ID and time of change should be stored on the record.
  • The system must respond to all requests within 20 seconds.
  • A web-based solution.
  • The ability for an employee to update the password is optional.
  • The software shall support the ability to store, update, maintain, and delete of Family & Child Information, Family and Child Billing, and Payroll information as specified in Amendment A.

Amendment A

Family and Child Information, Store and track child, parent and family information Data including but not limited to:

  • Parent names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contacts, authorized pick ups, etc.
  • Child Name, Birth Date, Class, Special Needs, Photo, etc.
  • Immunization tracking information: recording immunization types, physicals and dates
  • Classroom Tracking & Scheduling
  • Classrooms, programs, activities, schedules, etc
  • Immunization Software, Alerts you when an immunization is needed and prints reports showing immunization dates and immunization due notices for parents.
  • Waiting List & Potential Customer Tracking
  • Daily Reminders, upcoming appointments, contract renewals, etc.
  • Customer Log Notes, Maintain records of correspondence with parents, child's special needs, incident reports, and more.
  • Reports:
    • Call Sheets, Sign In & Out Sheets
    • Customer Directories
    • Daily Classroom & Center Enrollment Reports
    • Birthday Lists & Child Age Reports
    • Parent/Child Cross Reference Reports
    • Family Registration Information
    • Immunization Due & History Reports
    • Child Enrollment/Withdrawal Reporting
    • Child Notes & Comments Reports

Family and Child Billing, track each family’s balance including their child care billing history of registration fees, tuition charges, family discounts and payments received:

  • Billing History, history of registration fees, tuition charges, family discounts and payments.
  • Late Fees & Balance Due Notices, late payment fees and print balance due notices to all families who are past due.
  • Receipt Printing
  • Reports:
    • Customer Account Balance (Notice)
    • Account Activity Report
  • Billing of tuition based on actual attendance (Attendance Tracking).
  • Overtime and hourly billing for late pick ups and extra hours


  • Pay check, Calculates pay period hours, determines gross pay, applies all withholdings, and prints checks
  • Overtime
  • Withholds and reports tax information such as state, federal, SUTA, FUTA, and FICA
  • Reports
    • Employee Earnings Withholdings Summary (W2)
    • Total Revenue Reports


  • Login is required for all users
  • Users can be divided into groups and access is granted on a per group basis(for example you may want to allow only the managers group to view, update, or delete payroll information)


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