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Object Oriented Analysis and Design Case Study

Neñios Child Care Center

In this Software Engineering case study students will gain insight into Object Oriented Design and Analysis using UML as a modeling language.  Students will also understand the main benefits of software engineering. The case study currently covers, software requirements analysis, and design analysis by providing 2 sample solutions one for the Software Requirement Specification Document and the other for a Design specification Document.  You will use find examples of the following UML diagrams in this case study:  use-case diagram, class diagram, activity diagram, swimlane diagram, and statecharts.


Case Study Description

Requirement Specification Template

Proposed Requirement Specification Document for the case study

Usage scenario
Data Model Description
Functional Model Description
Behavioral Model Description
Restrictions, Limitations, and Constraints
Validation Criteria
Appendix A
Appendix B

Design Specification Template

Proposed Design Specification Document for the case study

Data Design
Architectural and Component level Design
User Interface Design
Restrictions, Limitations and Constraints

Testing Issues

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