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Microsoft Outlook email account setup

On the Internet Explorer toolbar at the top of the screen,
choose Tools >Mail and News > Read Mail. Outlook Express will open.



On the Outlook Express toolbar, choose Tools > E-mail Accounts.
 The Internet Accounts window will open.



On the Internet E-mail Accounts window, select  the Add a new e-mail account and then click Next


On the Internet E-mail Accounts new window select POP3 Then Click Next


This will open a new Outlook Express window for your e-mail setup  into which you will enter information regarding your domain email account. (This tells Outlook Express whose mail is coming in and/or going out.) After entering the required information on each screen, choose Next to continue the setup.


1   enter your Name

2   enter your e-mail address which is your username@yourdomain.com

3   enter your Incoming mail server(pop3):  mail.yourdomain.com

4   enter your Outgoing mail server:  Your ISP (SMTP) if you don't know ask your ISP.
 In the above window we used Comcast Outgoing mail server as an example

5   enter your user Name

5   enter your Password

Click next  and your email account is set



Post Office Protocol (POP).
 A standard mail server protocol that requires you to download new messages to your local computer—although you can choose to leave copies on the server. With POP, you can store all your messages, including sent mail, drafts, and custom folders, on one computer only. By contrast, IMAP allows you to permanently store all your messages and any changes to them on the server, where you can access them from any computer. Most ISPs currently support POP.



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