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 Java Perfromance Tips

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Question: List as much as you can all the trick/programming recommendation that we can use when PERFORMANCE is essential in Java?

Answers: The following are the tricks which can be helpful in performance in Java..

   Always use the simplest classes possible to get the Job Done.

   Never code your own frameworks unless the performance is lacking. Reuse code and frameworks.

   Use open source frameworks which are established and tested.

   Learn Collections and use them correctly. Use "lightweight" collections and avoid "heavyweight" collections where synchronization is not required.

   Use constants where possible by using static final in the variable declaration.

   Use Enum instead of integer constants. Enums are more flexible and are typesafe.

   Avoid casting and using instanceof

   Use synchronized methods instead of code blocks.

   Avoid synchronized calls within a synchronized method or code block.

   Do not recalculate constants inside a loop.

   "Fast Fail" - If a method fails, or throws an exception have it exit the loop quickly. Break loops early.

   Never use String or StringBuffer for parsing characters. Use a character array.

   Try to set the StringBuilder or StringBuffer to the size required, or maximum size required during initialization to prevent a performance penalty while resizing.

   Avoid using StringTokenizer if there is a performance requirement. Use a more specific (custom) tokenizer to split Strings. StringTokenizer is a generic utility that is synchronized internally.

   Avoid using generic object collections. Use generics with collections to avoid having to cast objects.

   Use a LinkedList over an ArrayList if there a large number of insertions and deletions.

  When given a choice use local interfaces and local method calls on EJBs


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