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GMC Dealer and Dealer application

Using Help Desk

Login to your Control panel (https://www.yourdomain.com:8443)

To submit a new trouble ticket, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Help Desk shortcut in the navigation pane. The Help Desk system interface will open displaying the list of existing tickets. The list is empty when there are no tickets submitted.
  2. Click Add New Ticket. The ticket submission page opens.
  3. Enter ticket subject, select the category the issue is related to, and type in the problem description.
  4. Click OK. The ticket is now submitted to the system, and the appropriate record is added to the list.

To change the status of a ticket or add a comment:

  1. On the page listing tickets, click on a ticket id or subject. The page will open displaying all comments made to the ticket, and allowing you to change the ticket properties and add new comments.
  2. To add an event to the ticket, i.e. close, reopen and/or comment it, select a corresponding action in the Ticket Event drop-down box, type a new comment into the New Comment input field if required.
  3. Click OK to submit all changes.

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