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Forms are the most important interactive feature HTML has to offer. With a form, users can give feedback and comments, submit orders and queries, or provide registration information. In short, forms open a two-way dialog between you and your users. You ask the questions by designing a form, and the users answers by filling out the form.

HTML form has all the basic features that computer users are already familiar with, including lists, buttons, checkboxes, and text fields. The content are send to CGI scripts for processing or e-mailed directly to one or more recipients.

Creating a form is a two-part process. First, there is the form itself, which is set of tags and attributes contained within a pair of <form> element. Second, is putting together a CGI script on the server to handle the form's contents

Will the good news is if you choose to have FrontPage hosting (which is included in hostitwise.com packages) then you don't need to know all the form metatags and any script because first the form will be created by FrontPage Utilizes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to create a ‘WYSIWYG’ (what you see is what you get). Second the script will be handled by WebBot.


One Line Text Field

Text field are used for any information that doesn't fit within the confines of the other types. This includes information such as names, address, jobs titles, telephone numbers, email, and so on because text field accepts virtually any type of input

Checkboxes are used to record yes/no or true/false information
The checkbox is typically represented as a small box that the user clicks to place or remove an x or checkmark. This type of input element returns a value if it is selected (checked)

Option Button or Radio Button are similar to checkboxes, but they present a range of choices. Only one radio button in a group is selected at a time. Selecting another button in the same group deselects the current choice

You can organize related fields in your forms into subgroups by using group boxes. Start by adding a group box to your form, and then add the form fields.
Drop-down boxes, also known as drop-down menus, are most often used for single choice selections in a form. You can enable a drop-down box to accept multiple selections, however it is not something we recommend. If you want to enable site visitors to make multiple choices, use check boxes.
These procedures enable you to add an advanced button that you can associate with a custom scripted function.
The Picture is similar to the submit button, but it uses a graphic instad of a button.
The submit is a button that when pressed, sends the content of the form to the CGI script specified in the action attribute of the <form> tag. The default label on a Submit button is Submit. You can use the value attribute with Submit button to change the default to something else
Clicking a Reset button restores any default values specified in individuel form elements. If a default value is not defined, any content within the element is erases.

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