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Domain Name Transfer Procedures

Here is a quick doc describing domain transfer. The domain name transfer process is common for all domain name registrars and requires several email and codes and approval. Before you start the actual transfer you need to ensure that:

1. you have access to the domain name admin contact email address, if not then you must change it to an email that you can access.

2. Unlock the domain name at your current registrar. This can be done usually from the domain admin interface (or domain panel).

3. Request an authorization code. You can do this by clicking the request auth code link and the code will be sent to the admin email on the account. Also if you are moving the hosting of the domain and require DNS changes then you should do that before your transfer (you can maintain the new DNS after the transfer).

Now you are ready to initiate a transfer, after you pay for the domain transfer which will give you an additional year of registration. The registrar that you are transferring to sends an email to the administrative contact of the domain you are transferring to confirm the transfer. Godaddy for example will send a Transaction ID and Security Code that you use to approve the transfer. Network Solutions on the other hand will send an email with an active link to the administrator’s email.

The administrator will confirm and approve the transfer via a link in the email, which notifies the losing registrar to transfer the domain to Network Solutions. The old registrar releases the domain to new registrar and sends an email to the administrative contact confirming that the domain has been successfully transferred. The Domain Transfer Timeline: Domain transfers should be completed within 5 days from the date of the initial transfer request. With Godaddy you can transfer the domain instantaneously when you login in to your domain administration and accept the transfer. The administrative has up to 14 days to authorize or reject the transfer.


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