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Dedicated Server Hosting with Plesk 9.x Control Panel

We tested these procedures on Parallels Plesk Panel Version 9.2.3
Issue: New Plesk installation does not come with webmail installed, you need to install it yourself. To install or verify that Plesk is running on your server follow these steps:
1. Login to Plesk admin interface
2. Select Home
3. Select Updates
4. search for webmail and select:
Horde webmail support
AtMail webmail support
you may also select only one the webmail support tools.  Click Install, click on the Yes check box to confirm and Walla you got web mail know.
5. Select Plesk Home >> Mail Server Settings
select the option to the webmail program you want to enable This will be used for the whole server.  We tested this procedure with these version:
Horde 4.1.6
AtMail 1.02
6. Configure Webmail for your domain:
a. Click Domains
b. Select your domain ( for example)
c. then select Mail >> Mail settings. using the webmail menu, select webmail application and click OK.

7. You are Done My Friend.  You can check your email using for example Horde by going to and enter your email address and password to login.

Mailman mailing list manager support and Installation

You will not be able to enable mailing lists unless this software is installed.
1. Login to Plesk admin interface
2. Select Home
3. Select Updates
4. search for Mailman and select it.  Click Install, click on the Yes to confirm and guess what ... you got it.
you may need to wait about 20 minutes until the Mailman mailing list manager is fully functional.
5. Go to Home >> Settings and search for Mailman settings and click on the button
6. Enter email address (like admin) and set a password.
7. this finishes the configuration procedures on the server now you can setup mailman to work on your domains as follows:
8. Configure mailman mailing Lists for your domain:
a. Click Domains
b. Select your domain ( for example)
c. then select Mail >> mailing Lists.
d. add the lists as you wish
7. You are Done.  You can configure your list options using listserv interface.

Retrieve your Plesk Control Panel Password from SSH

Generally you will not be able to retrieve your admin password on your dedicated server control panel login page. 
Plesk control panel password can be retrieved (viewed) from your Linux OS
login to SSH (use putty) using any of the accounts on the server
from the Linux OS prompt enter su (to login as a supper user)
Edit (use vi emacs) the file /etc/psa/.psa.shadow.
and view your password

when changing your admin password from Plesk it will not change the su user password
you can synch your passwords from your hostitwise hosting center
If you are unsure of your SSH password, then you need to call help desk as no one will ever be able to provide your password information via email as this is not a secure form of communication.

Additional instructions on how to retrieve your Plesk control panel password can be viewed at this URL.

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