Car Dealers software - VIN decoder application

Use Cases: VIN Server

Actor: VIN Server Admin
Precondition: The VIN Server Admin is logged in and can start the VIN server
Main scenario:

Input Events from the Actor:  Dealership Server Admin

System Events and Response

Log on, simulated via just launching a batch file (run software)


Batch file will compile the code (safety measure)
Batch file will launch the application

Launch and bind to the RMI server  Batch file will start the RMI Batch file will start the RMI software
VIN is requested by the Dealer Client

VIN is requested by the dealer client  search from current Index database to see if the file is locally stored
  if locally stored: send the message the file is locally stored
  if not locally stored: send a message to the dealer Client indicating where the client could get the file
    ** Here is where you could enter in other dealerships as part of the network      As a stretch goal I would network in a Peer to Peer relationship. Due to the nature of peer-to-peer file sharing uploading and downloading system, each client will need to act as a server and client all registering with a centralized Dealership server
  Update Index database that the requesting car dealership now has the file

  VIN Retrieval System - Use Case




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