Car Dealers Software - VIN decoder application

Activity Flow Diagram


Step 1: When a new Dealership software (Car Dealership 1)  joins the Peer-to-Peer network if first registers with the Dealership server.  It provides it’s Dealership number and the VINs which it has local access to.

Step 2: Dealership Server receives the information from the Car Dealership.

Step 3: After receiving the request from the Car Dealership the Dealership Server  records and registers the information to a Database. At this point the Car Dealership 1 essentially becomes  a Peer (Server) to the other Dealerships since the Dealership Server will let any other Client or Car Dealership contacting it that you have files available.

Step 4: Car Dealership 2 contacts the Dealership Server looking for a certain file

Step 5: Dealership Server searches it’s  Database looking for a Car Dealerships that have that VIN persistent on their machine and as  Peer/VIN pair is returned to the Server

Step 6: Dealership Server sends which Car Dealerships have the file requested

Step 7: Car Dealership 1 receives the Car Dealership which has the files from the Dealership server, selects one Car Dealership, in this case Car Dealership 2 to obtain the VIN

Step 8: Car Dealership 2 verifies that it has the file and sends it to Car Dealership 1

Step 9: Car Dealership 1 registers to the Dealership Server that it has the file it requested and Step 3 initiates

Step 10: If no Car Dealership within the network has the file the Dealership Server contacts the VIN server to get the file

Step 11: VIN Server returns the file to the Dealership Server which in turn sends it the requesting Car Dealership

Dealership Application Activity Diagram





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