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My Info
The "My Info" page contains status and member statistics and a view/update my info and change my password menu.
Location: My Info
My Stats
My Stats shows your current status and the date your account was created.

My Info Menu

My Info Menu contains links to View My Info, Update My Info, and Change My Password.

1. View your information on file for accuracy.



2. You may also wish to add a secondary contact and email address for your

account by clicking on the Update My Info link.




3. Change your account password by clicking on the Change My Password link.  Make sure you remember to type in your Current Password to make the change official.


Have you recently moved or changed email addresses?
Please update your information here.
You can also select to receive HTML email or Plain Text emails.
Select your currency if it is not the default setting.


You can change your billing system password here.
NOTE: This will NOT change your hosting account password.
Please logout to let the changes take affect.

If you forget your password, you can always use the "forgot password" link
on the login screen. The system will send an email to the address you have
on file and your password will be RESET.

View all packages you have signed up for and their current status.
Package - This is the name of the package and domain associated with it.  Click the name to see the package specifics.
Price Override - This field is used for domain pricing and for price changes. IF it is set to $0.00, this means the no price override exists.
QTY - This denotes the quantity of packages or services you have.
Discount - This is the discount taken off the price of the package.
Start Date - The is when the package was first purchased or added to your account. (It may also signify when your account was added to the billing system).
Renew Date - This is when your package will renew again.
Renewed On - This is the LAST time your package was renewed.
Billing Cycle - This is the billing cycle for your package
Status - This is the status of your package

 Pending Status Light =      Active Status Light =      Suspended Status Light =      Error Status Light =


View all domain names you have associated with your account
Domain Name - This is your domain name. Click the [?] link to do a whois query.
Created On - IF monitor = yes, this should be the date your domain was created.
Expires - If monitor = yes, this should be the date your domain expires
Monitor - If yes, we will monitor this domain and notify you before it expires.


View all invoice, current and past

InvNum - The invoice number
Amount - The invoice amount
Total Paid - the total amount paid
Total Due - the total remaining due
Date Created - date the invoice was generate
Due Date - date the invoice is due
Date Paid - date of last payment
Payment Method - last payment method


Has your credit card expired? Please update it here.  Enter your new credit card number, select your New Expiration Data and don't forget to use your password.  Click the Update button to save the changes.

For all you questions about your bill, considering canceling an order? Please provide us the following information.

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