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Zen Cart
Zen Cart
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Zen Cart is a PHP-based, online store management system that allows users to make purchases from a website. This application is a free, open source E-commerce application that uses a MySQL database with HTML components for the interface. Zen Cart can support many languages and currencies and was developed to respond to the needs of merchants and shoppers. Administration of Zen Cart can be done with basic website and computer skills and does not require extensive IT knowledge. Of the many shopping cart programs available, Zen Cart offers the most options, features, and support. You can many types of store using Zen cart such as Leather Store and more.

Because Zen Cart is an open source, many in the community have contributed plug-ins and add-ons to extend the abilities of Zen Cart. There are hundreds of available plug-ins for Zen Cart covering a wide range of categories such as admin tools, language packs, payment modules, privacy and condition statements, shipping modules, sideboxes, template packages, and pricing tools among several others. These plug-ins allow administrators to drastically change the appearance of the application as well as support unique product types and currencies for increased functionality. The variety of plug-ins makes Zen Cart a versatile, highly customizable program that can serve each merchant’s unique purpose while providing an easy experience for the shopper.

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