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Roundcube is an internet message access protocol (IMAP) e-mail client written in PHP and it uses Ajax technology which provides a more responsive user interface than most webmail clients. Ajax software employs a group of technologies allowing data to be sent and retrieved between servers without interrupting the display or behavior of the existing page. These technologies include HTML and CSS for presentation, Document Object Model (DOM) for display and interaction with data, XML and XSLT for data interchange and manipulation respectively, XMLHttpRequest for communication, and JavaScript to tie these technologies together. Roundcube is free software that employs open-source libraries.

Roundcube is designed to run on most standard web servers such as Apache, Lighttpd, Cherokee, or Hiawatha in conjunction with supported databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, or MSSQL. The user interface is presented in XHTML and CSS to give it more fluidity and responsiveness than most webmail clients and the interface is also customizable with skins and plug-ins. Some of the features of Roundcube include drag and drop message management, privacy protection, multiple sender identities, full featured address book, forwarding messages with attachments, spell checking, IMAP folder management, unlimited users and messages, template system for custom skins, and plug-in API for flexible extensions among many others.


Roundcube also plans to release several other features including but not limited to an online calendar module, saved e-mail and address book searches, keyboard shortcuts, attachment previews, and an administrative interface.

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