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If you need to run PHP application you need to ensure that your web hosting company comes with a preinstalled/configured PHP environment. PHP hosting is very straight forward and most hosting companies now supports along with MySQL (see MySQL hosting article). Our servers come preconfigured with the latest PHP version with optional support for previous PHP versions. You choose your version when you setup your hosting plan. At this time you can select PHP 5.x (PHP 5.0, PHP 5.1, PHP 5.2) for the PHP hosting version.


PHP 6.0 is not officially releases as of the time of writing this article and will add it to out PHP hosting plans once it become available and stable. PHP can be hosted on a windows or Linux servers (among others). for Windows our windows servers are configured with Windows IIS 7 hosting accounts and they run PHP 5 versions. This will allow you to use the quick install feature of our PHP servers supporting PHP 5 applications such Noahs Classifieds, Geeklog, OsCommerce and many other PHP/MySQL applications. You can integrate your own PHP 5 code into your web site as well. All Linux hosting plans come with a preconfigured PHP hosting environment and again you can choose your hosted PHP version base don your needs.


All PHP hosting accounts also come with a MySQL hosting. What does PHP offer? PHP proposed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, the main promises of PHP is to be used as a general-purpose web scripting language to support dynamic web contents. In general scripting languages such as PSH, ASP, PERAL and others are supported as embedded languages with html tags. To be able to run these scripting languages you need a web server that is configured with the appropriate compiler/parser or run time. For example to be able to run PHP you need the PHP compiler installed and configured on a web server. The output of the run time environment is html code that is rendered by the browser, so the client will never see the actual PHP code rather it gets html back from the server. As I said earlier the main goal pf PHP is to produce dynamic web pages, it does by applying the server-side scripting concept (all processing/compilation) is done at the server side.

The parser/runtime input come from the input stream (file contains PHP code among other things) and produces output into another file called the output stream containing HTML code. Version 4 compiler however produces Bytecode which is consumed by the Zend Engine that in turn produces the HTML. This platform follows the JAVA model and has improved performance and portability features over previous configuration. Since PHP is a scripting language and its code is embedded within an HTML page saved with .php extension, the PHP compiler parses code within specific delimiters and ignores anything outside these delimiters (or it sends it as is to the output stream). Every scripting language comes with its own delimiter characters, PHP uses the <? php and ?> as delimiters. The main goal of these delimiters is to separate the PHP code from other code such as HTML.


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